Americana kitchen utensils circa 1930


An instant collection of vintage Americana kitchen utensils circa 1920s - 1940s. A beautiful 6 piece collection that feature red wood handles. An amazing patina colors and tones the pieces.

  • 6 piece collection
  • red wood handles, each piece varies in age revealing the wood below
  • collection includes
    • Remark brand grater
    • crank grater
    • wire spoon whisk
    • Edmund can opener
    • crinkle slicer
    • Foley chopper


In good condition with lots of age. Suggested for decorative use only.


Remark Grater 10.75 inch 27.3 cm
Crank Grater 7.75 inch 19.7 cm
Wire Spoon Whisk 11 inch 27.9 cm
Edmund Can Opener 6.25 inch 15.9 cm 
Crinkle Slicer 6.5 inch 16.5 cm
Foley Chopper 7.5 inch 19.1 cm

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