The Snowman holiday ornament

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A jolly little snowman to decorate your home through the Holidays!

Antique homespun European grain sack textiles and vintage Levis denim shape these hand made Christmas ornaments.

Hand stitched "coal" eyes and a carrot nose detail the grain sack side of the face, as a red or green embroidery floss scarf wraps around his neck.

The homespun fabric is over 100 years old and comes from the grain or feed sacks used on the farms of Eastern and Central Europe. The texture of the fabric varies greatly from thick and nubby to a more refined lightweight feel.

Each ornament is crafted with a piece of grain sack on one side and the selvedge (back) side of vintage Levi's denim on the other.

A slender gold strand hangs the ornaments. 


4.5" x 3"
3.75" drop

Please note:

The tone of the fabrics will vary. You may not receive what is pictured.
Also note that each piece is hand-stitched, and there will be slight differences in the embroidered stitching.

Our philosophy behind the collections of 86 Vintage is to find something from decades past and inspire our customer to translate it into their home and wardrobe. 

With back grounds in fashion and interior design , our curators select various pieces that provoke thought and creativity.  Whether in its craftsmanship, worn patina, pattern, or color, each piece is appreciated for its unique character.

The collections truly are an extension of  the thought process poured into every design project.