vintage kitchen tea towels with embroidery


A set of six Days of the Week embroidered kitchen towels circa 1950s. Babies doing house hold chores color the cotton tea towels in hand-stitched needlework. Each towel represents a day of the week with differing embroidered vignettes.

  • tea towels
  • hand-stitch embroidery
  • six days of the week (sans Sunday)


In good condition. Thursday towel has a few tiny holes, Wednesday towel has a small hole. Some towels have light tan age spots.


Monday 29.5 in x 27 in 74.9 cm x 68.6 cm
Tuesday 34 in x 31 in 86.4 cm x 78.7 cm
Wednesday 34 in x 30.5 in 86.4 cm x 77.5 cm 
Thursday 30 in x 19.5 in 76.2 cm x 49.5 cm
Friday 34 in x 30.5 in 86.4 cm x 77.5 cm
Saturday 34 in x 32 in 86.4 cm x 81.3 cm

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