Denim : Embellished

Denim : Embellished

In the late 1960s hippie counter-culture took denim to new levels with patchwork, fringe, embroidery, and tie dye. Embellishing denim soon became part of the industry. 

Today we see all sorts of treatments to denim from pre-made rips and fraying to embroidery, Swarovski crystals and fur.  With fashion designers often adding reference and taking inspiration from the past. 

In the 70s, glitzy pocket treatments and patchwork on disco jeans were favorites, while the 80s had acid wash, studs, paint and Madonna.

Denim, once considered a non-fashion workwear piece, has developed into a great canvas for fashion, trends, and style. 

What are your favorite denim embellished styles?

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