Top 5 Winter Closet Ideas

Top 5 Winter Closet Ideas

With winter nearly here, we put together our top 5 winter wardrobe tips. 

1. A midi length winter coat. 

Be sure to use a thick hanger to keep its shape. Also, try to keep your coats in a separate closet as to not overcrowd your wardrobe. Having them near your entrance makes it both convenient for taking on and off and also prevents overcrowding that can damage your clothing. 

vintage black cashmere wrap coat vintage wool tweed coat vintage boucle wool coat with fur trim 


2. A cozy, versatile chunky knit sweater

The cream, cable knit fisherman sweater is a perfect staple for the winter closet. It can be worn as a casual piece with jeans, or dressed up with a skirt or over a dress. 

Folding sweaters is best. Hanging them can cause them to stretch out. If you must hang, try folding them over a pant holder, or use a padded hanger. 

 Italian wool sweater vintage wool sweater vintage Scottish wool sweater


3. Tall boots

A great piece to wear with dresses, skirts, skinny pants or leggings. 

Keep their shape by stuffing them. You can either buy boot inserts or find things around the house like dry cleaning bags or rolled up folders. 

vintage tall suede boots vintage black equestrian boots  pre-owned Marsell boots


4. Winter Accessories

Hats are tops! We like to mix it up with something knit, a wide brim hat, or a wool fedora. Something to keep the heat from flying a way. 

Hang your structured hats on hooks. Knit hats should be stored flat in a drawer or basket. For semi-structured hats, use tissue, rags, or plastic bags to stuff them to help them keep their shape. 

vintage fedora vintage knit hat  vintage western hat


5. Keep it Clean and Organized. 

Keeping your items clean and organized with help them keep longer and help you get ready faster. Organizing pieces by color or style is helpful. We would also suggest using lavender sachets or soap to help keep away unwanted moths. 

lavender sachet set of 3


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