Sunset Junction: An Outfit

This weekend in Los Angeles, the Sunset Junction music festival is hap-hap-happening!

A fun mix of rock bands, a bit of Motown (the vendellas are gonna be there), and some dj dance music will fill the stages this year.

Butthole Surfers and Bobby Womack are headlining.  Other acts include KD Lang, Hanson, Melvins, Lil Jon, Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah.

Here's the schedule:

Here's an idea for a look to rock...

A.  70s Suede Motorcycle Jacket

B. Vintage Turquoise & Silver Earrings

D. 80s Coors T-Shirt

E. 80s Snakeskin Boots

F. 70s Levis Cords

G. 70s Leather Bag

H. 80s Rhinestone Belt Buckle 




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