Fall 2016's Big Fashion Trends

Fall 2016's Big Fashion Trends

We love playing with fashion trends. Finding pieces from decades ago that work in today's trending fashion gives you your own take on the style. 

These are the trends we're seeing the most this fall:

1. Velvet Everything

Velvet was everywhere on the fall runways! From shoes to bags to dresses and tops. Here are pieces from our shop to work the trend:


velvet jacketvelvet handbagvelvet opera coat Gianfranco Ferre blouse

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2. Statement Furs and Stoles

Bold fur coats (both real and faux) and fur stoles were statements on the runways. 


faux fur coatfur stolerabbit fur coat


3. Puffer Jackets & Vests

What's fun about this trend is that it was seen on the runways paired with evening wear!


green puff jacketyellow puff vestreversible puff vest blue puff vest


4. Plaid

Tartans and plaid hit the runway big.  Some call it the Outlander effect, which could be, Mad Men and Downtown certainly had an effect on designers, and the costumes in Outlander are fantastic. 

Here are some of our favorite plaids in the shop:


 Stetson fedora ⎪plaid pantsplaid dressBobbie Brooks skirt plaid scarf plaid shirt

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5.  Chokers

We like a statement choker. These are the bold chokers in our shop:


brutalist choker with stone mixed metal choker choker with bell


6. Sweaters ...  of course

Fall and winter = sweater season. This year's trends include, as mentioned in a previous post, the decorative sweater (think patterns, appliqué, lace, sequin, metallics, etc.)  But, maxi sweaters, chunky knits, ponchos, crop sweaters, and hooded sweaters are some of the other hot styles. 

Here's some of our favorites for this fall:


crop sweater maxi chunky knit sweaterhooded sweater

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