Gift Guide: For those who love the Kitchen

Gift Guide: For those who love the Kitchen

We put together a curated gift list for the people in your life who love to work or play in the kitchen.  


For the baker...

A collection of 1950s hand-painted ceramic measuring cups with wood handles and a modern play on the classic kitchen rooster.  SHOP

For the best soup maker...


An antique brass ladle will make them serving up soup all the more special. SHOP

For those who love worldly cuisine ...

A mid-century Japanese donabe pot. Pair it with the new cookbook, Donabe: Classic and Modern Japanese Clay Pot Cooking by Naoko Takei Moore and Kyle Connaughton. SHOP

For the cook who needs a place to store their utensils...

A primitive wood kitchen mortar makes for a great kitchen utensil holder. The thick, craggy wood works beautifully with both a modern and rustic home design. SHOP  

For those who like to cook low and slow ...

A pair of antique McCoy bean pots. A great decor piece to add to a table. Antique bean pots were the original slow cooker. SHOP



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