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Thoughts on getting organized

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Posted on January 11 2013

When you Google “ organize your home” there are over 69 million results. So with all of these tips, videos and advice why is it such a hard thing to do?!

If you were to ask 100 people, which they would rather be, 10 lbs. lighter or completely organized, 98% would say completely organized.

So how do we get there? First a bit of tough love. You must take the time and just dig in. I recommend picking one and only one area and stick to it until it is done. I also wouldn’t dive into an entire room all at the same time. If it is a bedroom, pick the closet or the dresser or what’s lurking under the bed. If it is an office, again pick the desktop or one drawer, closet or misc. box of receipts, un-opened mail and old bills.

Then have three containers and a garbage bin.  It could be three plastic bags, three boxes or three plastic bins to name a few. One should be for things you absolutely have no doubt you want or need to keep. The second for things you are not sure of and the third to donate/give away. This process should be done rather quickly. It is just sorting things through into groups. Keep in mind sometimes you have to make a bigger mess to get to the organized space that you want. Don’t get overwhelmed! This is where the sticking to it comes in.

Once you have made your groups remove the donate/give away container to another room. Then with the things you are for sure keeping, if it is clothing hang on any kind of hanger except wire. (Non-negotiable) And face everything in the same direction. I would suggest hanging like things together. I.E. long dress then short dresses then skirts. Blazers then blouses.

If it is paper work you must create a filing system. In the kitchen separate coffee mugs from dinking glasses. Put same size plates together etc.

With your undecided pile you may need a friend depending on how you feel. It is tough to get rid of things for whatever reason. That is why I like to donate or give things to people that I know can actually use or wear the item. Then I don’t feel so wasteful. Trust me once it is out of your house you will not miss it!

Now you can decide how to put things back. There are so many options out there these days for storage solutions. From very high end to antique this and that. You decide how much you want to spend on these items. I would recommend using all one color in closets and storing seasonal items. For filing using different colors can be very useful.

Good luck and remember if none of this advice is helpful, Google has a few tips of their own!

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