My love of sweaters


 A few months ago I was on a road trip and stopped at a McDonalds somewhere in Nebraska. I walked past a booth and women stopped me and said “ what a beautiful sweater.” I was wearing a vintage cream fisherman’s style sweater. Turned out she was sitting in the McDonalds knitting fisherman sweaters for Christmas gifts for her family. I instantly wished I was somehow related!

I have a personal love for sweaters. Having grown up in the Midwest and enduring many cold winters a sweater was almost a necessity. Then I moved to Southern California and people thought I was crazy when I said I still wear sweaters. It does get cold enough to through on a sweater, trust me.

I have all kinds of sweaters. Chunky wool, cashmere, turtleneck, cardigan, vests, alpaca, vintage and designer. I love them all. My oldest is from the 1890’s and it is perfection. It is a cardigan style, slim fit with a small decorative trim along the bottom. It was so well made it has stood the test of time. I think you would call it a true classic.

sweater collage


chunky cream sweater

brown ski sweater

school cardigan

colorblock sweater

argyle sweater

army sweater


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