Back to School : Organizing your Home Office

Back to School : Organizing your Home Office

5 Tips for Organizing your Home Office

Papers and files can pile up fast in your home workspace. With the back to school season beginning, we put together a list of our favorite tips to help organize your work room. 

  1. De-Clutter: Take control of the clutter before it takes over your space. Sort all your papers using a system of three: File It, Toss It, Take Action. 
  2. File System: Create a color coded file system to help you easily access all your files. i.e.: green files for financial, blue for medical, yellow for car etc. etc...
  3. Create Work Zone Categories: Help yourself work more efficiently by organizing your office into like categories. You'll have your main workspace, your reference area (filing cabinet, shelves, binders), and your supply area. And then, break those into categories. Your supplies can be organized so that when you need to mail a letter, you'll look in your mail drawer for stamps.
  4. Store in Containers:  Keep all your supplies neatly hidden in baskets, bins and drawers. On your desk top, use interesting canisters, vases, jars, or bowls for your pens, paper clips, and frequently reached for items. 
  5. Hide your Cords: Electrical cords can become a tangled mess - find a stylish storage container to hide and store all the wires. 

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