Decorating with Sports

Decorating with Sports

With football season underway, we've been thinking about sports decor.

Decorating with vintage sporting equipment is fun. Old oars, raquets, balls, and juggling clubs are a few of the myriad of pieces of sports equip that catch the eye and bring a conversation to the room. 

Three ways to use vintage and antique sporting pieces:

  1. Hang on the Wall. Mount old skis, oars, raquets, and gold clubs on the wall for eye-catching appeal. 
  2. Shelf accents and bookends. Up your #shelfie game! Use old dumbbells as bookends and accent your shelf with juggling pins and old leather footballs. 
  3. Table and desk decor.  A collection of old baseballs or billiards can spark a conversation. Or add an antique tabletop game like skittles or checkers!

And don't forget about vintage sports sweaters and jerseys!  They can add great interest to a room or an outfit. We love seeing old jerseys, sweaters, and bathing costumes mounted in frames, but love to have them in our wardrobe even more! Plus, this season sportswear is a big trend! 

Check out our vintage sporting collection!


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