The 5 items to add to your desk!

The 5 items to add to your desk!

Ah, Back to School season. Office supplies, ahem, "school supplies" are at the forefront of the box stores with a few discounts sprinkled in. Time to stock up and redecorate your office. With all the new supplies, its also time to redecorate the office! 

Here are our 5 favorite ways to add items of interest to your desk:

1. Desk Lamp

Vintage desk lamps are a functional piece that can serve as a bright statement.  

vintage two-headed desk lamp

vintage gooseneck lamp



2. Wastebasket

Using a vintage basket or bucket is a sly stylish way to add in character to your office.

vintage galvanized bucket

vintage Indonesian basket 


3. Paper weight

Hold down all your notes and works-in-progress papers with something intriguing. Old electrical insulators are a favorite.  

vintage Hemingray insulator

antique cast iron shoe form



4. Storage 

Old wooden fruit crates, ceramic studio pottery vessels, Chinese hat boxes, brass ashtrays, the skies the limit with styles and types of vintage and antique containers to help you organize your desk. 

vintage wood crate

vintage studio pottery box



5. Object of design

This is something to help inspire your work.  May this be a vintage globe, a brass figure, Indian juggling clubs ... find something that gets your mind working. 

1930s world globe

vintage brass eagle statue



Take the time to decorate so you can enjoy your workspace!

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