vintage Levi's big E denim shorts, W 28


pre 1971

A pair of vintage Levi's Big E single stitch denim shorts. The cut-offs feature a red line selvedge seam, and a big E Levis tab. The legs were hemmed and panels were added. The customized shorts are beautifully worn.

  • Levi's shorts
  • hemmed legs
  • single stitch back pocket
  • red line selvedge seam
  • Big E tab

In great, heavily worn condition with lots of character.


Measured Size W 28
Waist 14 inch / 28 35.6 cm / 71.1
Inseam 4 inch 10.2 cm
Rise 10 inch 25.4 cm
Hips 19.5 inch / 39 49.5 cm / 99.1
Side Length 13 inch 33 cm

How We Measure

Denim and Pants

  • Waist†measured across the bottom of the waistband on the back of the garment.†

  • Inseam†measured up the inside of the leg to the crotch seam.†

  • Rise†measured from the crotch to the waist up the front of the pants.†

  • Hips†measured across the pants just below the bottom of the fly. If the pants do not have a fly, the measurement is taken across the pants 1 inch above the crotch.

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